Drain Cleaning Service Dubai

Drain Cleaning Service Dubai

Drain Cleaning Service Dubai

Emergency Drain Unblocking Dubai

With decades of experience in emergency drain unblocking in Dubai and the surrounding areas, we pride ourselves on the ability to offer an expert drainage service at a competitive price. Our reliable and prompt drain unblocking services are Dubai  by domestic and commercial drainage clients throughout Dubai and the surrounding areas.

Our dedicated and reliable blocked drain plumbers are armed with the appropriate drain unblocking equipment and have the required training and experience to tackle any blocked pipe cleaning issue in your blocked drainage in Dubai. As one of the leading drainage companies in dubai, we live up to the highest standards in every way possible for the benefit of every RLTS customer.

Drain Cleaning, Maintenance, Service and Repairs in Dubai

Mosquitoes are the major concern if you have trapped water inside or outside your house.

If the drainage is well-constructed and well-placed, stagnant water will smoothly flow to the sewage. Sometimes, even with the presence of drainage holes, there are still water accumulated in a certain area. This could be the cause of uneven surfaces. If the following problems arise, you should call the company that offers quality drainage services.


If you see puddles and pools outside your house because of poor drainage, mosquitoes will most likely live in that area. This will cause diseases like malaria and dengue. You should not let these fatal illness destroy your family. Hire an expert to fix your drainage system.

Overwatered Trees and Plants

Did you notice the wilting trees, shrubs and flowers in your garden? This might be caused by the overflow of water when raining. The culprit is none other than the drainage system. Accumulated water will eventually destroy your beautiful landscape and eventually, the foundation of your house.

Molds and Pests

If you noticed molds in a certain area of your house, this could be the cause of water leaking or damping your floors. Insects and other pests might also feast in this part of the house, which can also cause other diseases.

Waste Pile-up

If you do not have a good drainage system, all the waste materials in your lawn will pile-up in your area. The water is pulled by gravity thus also bringing litter, pesticides, pollutants and anything else that might harm your house. Once there is a surge of water, everything that floats and dissolves will be carried away.

Quick Response Blocked Drain Services

So, do not let these things happen to you and your family. You should find the company that has knowledge about drainage systems and how to mend its improper placing. Our company will assure you that your drainage systems will be fixed.

Drain Cleaning Service Dubai

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Drain Cleaners Near Me

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Drain Cleaning Service Dubai

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Drain Unblocker Dubai – Drainage Specialist dubai

Here at RLTS we are also an emergency drain cleaning company. Once we have received your call, our team is focused on providing you with a fast response. Our blocked drain specialists‘ goal is to arrive at your property within 90 minutes, which allows us to investigate and resolve the problem with your blocked drains. We have invested in the latest and most effective technology that provides accurate assessments and resolutions to all your blocked drains problems.

We believe that Dubai drainage issues must be promptly investigated and fixed. If they are left for too long, it can have adverse effects on your home and can ultimately lead to structural issues, which can become incredibly costly to repair.

As your local drainage company in Dubai, RLTS Drainage have a goal to achieve 100% client satisfaction on every job carried out. We offer a prompt response and our team is always courteous, honest and informative. By RLTS your drainage problem, then discussing how we can resolve the blocked sink, toilet, bath, drain or even clean up your basement flooding, we ensure that you are not left in the dark and are happy with the service that we provide you with.

Due to our focus on unrivalled customer service, we source a lot of our work from word of mouth recommendations and repeat business. Unblocking drains is simply what we know best.

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Blocked Toilets

A blocked toilet is not just an inconvenience. It’s unsightly, leads to bad smells and, if left too long, would become a health hazard too.

Here at RLTS we clear your blocked toilet efficiently. We’ll investigate the cause of the blocked toilet and find the best way of resolving the problem. At RLTS be rest assured that our fleet of fully equipped vehicles, have all the latest equipment required to clear any blocked toilet.

A blocked toilet is usually caused by a build up of waste. When a blocked toilet occurs it can be a early sign of a blocked drainage system. Call RLTS on 0508844769 and let us do all the hard and dirty work for you. Drain Cleaning Service Dubai

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Blocked Sinks

We’re all familiar with the inconvenience a blocked sink can cause especially  if the problem persists. Fortunately, here at RLTS our engineers have the latest equipment to clear any blocked sink.

If you’re attempting to clear the blocked sink yourself we advise against using strong drain chemical solutions such as caustic soda on a blocked sink as these can burn skin on contact and may leave a hazardous residue around your blocked sink for hours after use.

Irrespective of whether you are considering RLTS  for blocked sink/basin, emergency clearance or any kind of drainage associated problem, we’re here to work with you. You’ll be able to talk directly a drainage expert before arrival.

RLTS are available Round the clock, 7 days a week and have established a wonderful history with their services and integrity.

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Drain Cleaning Service Dubai

Your chosen shop may contact you prior to your at-home appointment to confirm details.

Please note: we will not be able to complete an estimate for you if you haven’t chosen your product, fabric type and colour.

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