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THe BFT ICARO Sliding Gate Opener integrates smart technology due to its two-channel rolling code radio receiver that is readily connected to a second receiver.The control unit which is compatible with the EE link protocol features a self-learning and self-diagnostic function of the parameter such as brake, torque and anti squashing. The anti squashing system inverts motion therefore preventing harm to people or damage to property in the event of a contact. This device is easy to install and includes a control unit conveniently positioned for easier accessibility and programming by LCD display.

I know your garage door will have one or more of these problems:
These problems apply to all ‘up and over’ and canopy doors.
Common garage door repair issues Door hit by car and bent (very common!)
Broken or tangled cables?
Rollers won’t stay in track?
Door very heavy to use?
Door locks don’t work?
Broken spring or springs?
Electric door opener failed?Automatic Electric Gates Dubai
Re-Programming for motor Adjust chain
Adjust Spring Tension
Check Spring wire tightness
Lubrication for hinges and roller
Remove sand and dirts from panel joints
Check Panel damage and
Corrosion,Clean inside & Outside
Checking rubber ageing And Repair pest bites
Check IR Sensor Operations
Check Operation of Remote
Broken brackets that everybody tells you are no longer available? (If I can’t get the bracket I will make one on-site and give a 5 year guarantee.

Electric gate automation systems

Automatic electric gates are an essential component of an integrated security and access control system where vehicular and pedestrian access need to be controlled. Dubai Security (WLS) provides a complete automatic electric gates service in Dubai and beyond, including design, fabrication, installation and automation.

We can integrate your gates with a door entry system, access control system or biometric access system. We also provide electric gate repairs, service and maintenance.

Full range of automatic electric gates

WLS has been manufacturing and installing swing and sliding security gates in Dubai and UAE for more than 15 years. We are Gate Safe approved and have our own dedicated security gate automation and fabrication workshop. We can provide steel, aluminium and wooden gates and use innovative, high quality FAAC, BFT and CAME gate automation technology to design and install the very best systems.


Swing gates are the most popular style gate we install. They are more aesthetically pleasing and less imposing than sliding gates. Swing gates add style and sophistication to a property as well as safety and security. WLS can design, fabricate, install and automate swing gates to your exact specifications in steel, aluminium or wood.


Cantilever or tracked sliding gates offer the highest level of security as swing gates can be vulnerable to determined ramming. The sliding gate automation system also takes up less room when operating and gives full driveway access even if approaching at an angle. WLS can design, fabricate, install and automate single swing gates to your exact specifications in steel, aluminium or wood.


Steel is the material of choice for most gate manufacturers and gate installations. Steel provides security and durability as well as economy. Its strength means more complex and delicate designs can be produced. WLS manufactures, installs and automates quality galvanised steel gates with a black powder-coating. This durable protection can last up to 50 years.


Aluminium gates are a great budget alternative to steel. Aluminium gates are lightweight, sturdy and low maintenance. Being light, aluminium gates cause less wear and tear to the gate automation system. WLS use our specialist workshop to tailor-make the best quality aluminium electric gates to your exact specifications, in a number of colours and styles.


Wooden gates can add both elegance and security to your property. A closed face timber gate also offers more privacy. The wood can be selected from sustainable sources and unlike steel or aluminium gates, wooden gates improve aesthetically with age, becoming more in tune with the natural environment. If treated correctly, quality wooden gates can also last much longer than both steel and aluminium gates. We can create, install and automate custom wooden gates to your specifications. 

Security fencing

Security fencing ensures that your property is fully protected against unwanted and unauthorised intrusion and there are a huge range of options available depending on your security level required. We can install robust fencing to integrate with your automatic electric gates, providing complete perimeter security.

Gate automation workshop

WLS has its own dedicated gate automation workshop where we can custom-make automated gates to your exact requirements. We use automatic electric gate openers from leading electric gates automation manufacturers including FAAC, BFT and CAME, to design and install the very best gate automation systems. We oversee the entire manufacturing process, from visualisation and design to manufacturing and installation. Our engineers and sales team also regularly attend training courses including those provided by Gate Safe, the independent UAE charity dedicated to raining standards of gate safety, to keep up-to-date with the latest automatic electric gate opener developments.

Gate repairs, service & maintenance in Dubai

Health and safety directives mean there are strict guidelines for installing automatic gates. It’s essential to use an experienced and accredited company like WLS, who will ensure that design and installation are in compliance with the latest regulations and industry best practices. Automatic gates must also be regularly tested, and our thorough maintenance and testing programme ensures that your electric gates are safe and fully HSE compliant. Our service engineers are qualified to work not just on WLS supplied electric gates but also automated gates provided by other companies.


Electric Gate Motors for Automatic Driveway Gates

The following electric gate motors are for sale. We stock and use them so we can vouch for their functionality and reliability.
They may be purchased from our factory, or we can arrange installation for your automatic driveway gate. We freight gate motors to your door across Australia.
We are happy to talk you through installation over the phone if you have any queries. Please call us to discuss your needs, or e-mail to arrange a written quote.

How to choose an Electric Gate Motor:

There are a myriad of different brand gate motors on the market, ranging in price from a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. How do you choose which is right for you? Historically, the European manufacturers pioneered gate motor back in the 1970s. They were initially only a commercial proposition as they were large and expensive. By the 1990s, there were a handful of large reputable manufacturers exporting to Australia. Some of these were BFT/Somfy, FAAC, GBD and Came, and some smaller Italian manufacturers. Then there are a couple of Australian manufacturers who have been making reliable commercial motors for many years. GDS in Adelaide manufacture superior industrial quality motors, and are strong, fast and reliable for commercial industrial applications. If you choose any of these brands, you can rest assured that you are getting a quality European or Australian product backed up by many years of manufacturing experience. BFT has its own office in Australia, offer a 2 year warrantee, and will back up their product with spare parts for a decade or longer. We use and recommend BFT, FAAC and GDS gate motors. These are not cheap motors, but quality products which work well and will give you more than a decade of reliable service.

Then there are a myriad of Asian manufacturers who have been making motors only for a few years at the most, and their product varies considerably in quality. You can expect some of these to last weeks to a few months, others will give you a couple of years service or longer. When they break, do not expect to be able to buy spare parts for them. If you purchase a motor from a supplier or installer who wants to sell you a gate motor without one of these European brand names, they are probably selling you a cheap Asian motor. Let the buyer beware! There are several steps to properly installing automatic gate systems which will function well for a decade or longer. Make sure your installer is experienced. If he is using a quality European motor, it is an indicator that he expects to still be in business next year, as he will want to be installing a product that he can warrantee without going out of business.

We have the benefit of professional training by the manufacturer and the experience of installing many hundred gate motors. We warrantee everything we do for 2 years, so we will be installing your gate motor with the expectation of servicing it for free in the first 2 years, and then maintaining it for a decade or longer.

There are several different motors which may work for your application. Which is right for you? Look for indicators such as the length and weight of your gate and the frequency of use. Do you have masonry pillars, or posts to hang them from? There will be a gate motor suitable for your application below.


Services Provided For:
Garage Door Sectional Overhead Door
Roller Shutter
Swing Gate
Sliding Door
Industrial Overhead Garage Doors
Sectional Overhead Garage Doors
Roller Shutter Door An Window
Industrial Roller Shutter Door
Steel Roller Shutter Door
Roll-A Door
Fire-Rated Roller Shutter Door
See-Thru Roller Shutter
Window Shutter SP10 s-onro
Door Automation Motors
Garage Door Motor
Swing Gate Motor
Roller Shutter Chain Motor
Roller Shutter Tubular Motor
Door Automation Controlling System
Push Button
IR Sensor
Safety Edge
Universal Receiver And Remotes
Smartphone Controller
GSM Door Opener
Home link  Receiver
Wireless Keypad
Aluminium And Glass Work
Glass Door With Aluminium Frame
Aluminium Louver
Fire-Rated Aluminium Door
Glass Partition
Full Glass Door
ACP Aluminium Composite Panel Cladding System
Shop Facade Cladding
Building Exterior Cladding
Interiors Clading
Other Automatic Doors


BFT Deimos 24v 500kg Sliding gate motor

Made in Italy
2 year warrantee

BFT Ares 24v 1000kg sliding gate motor

Made in Italy
2 year warrantee

GDS 240v 2000kg sliding gate motor

Made in Australia
2 year warrantee

BFT Phobos N 24v swing gate motors

Made in Italy
2 year warrantee

BFT Virgo 24v Swing gate motors

Made in Italy
2 year warrantee

BFT Igea 24v swing gate motors

Made in Italy
2 year warrantee

BFT 24v and 240v Lux Hydraulic swing gate motors

Made in Italy
2 year warrantee

GDS Swing gate motors

Made in Australia

BFT Remote Transmitters

Made in Italy

BFT T-box Wireless Keypad

Made in Italy

Wireless keypad opens BFT motors

Aiphone OI Colour Video Intercom

Made in Japan

Standard Installation Fee

Run cable charge

BFT Ecosol Solar power kit

For Steel and wooden sliding gates up to 500kg

Residential use

4 metres of gear rack and 2 remotes included

For steel and wooden sliding gates up to 1000kg

Commercial use or for heavy gates on a slope

4 metres of gear rack and 2 remotes included

For commercial sliding gates up to 2000kg.

Professional construction
for intensive commercial or industrial use

Runs at up to 600mm per second

For steel and wooden swing gates up to 3 metres per leaf

Residential use

Will sit behind a 100mm post

2 remotes included

For steel and wooden swing gates up to 2 metres per leaf

Residential use

Sits behind masonry pillars

2 remotes included

For steel and wooden swing gates up to 3 metres per leaf

Residential use

Sits behind masonry pillars

2 remotes included

For steel and wooden swing gates up to 5 metres per leaf

Commercial intensive use

Will sit behind a 100mm post

2 remotes included

Made in Australia

For steel and wooden swing gates up to 5 metres per leaf

Professional construction for Commercial intensive use

Sits behind masonry pillars

2 remotes included

Extra remote for BFT motors

Wireless keypad opens BFT motors

The motor stops if a person or vehicle cuts
the infra-red beam

Commercial quality intercom
will open motors from the inside station.

Installation is charged per hour.
Running cable is usually AED 150 per metre
but running cable inside the house may be more.

Install residential gate motors and provide free service
for the 2 year warrantee period.

Consumables and materials such as cable, screws,
electrical box, brackets, silicon, etc. are extra.

Run cable in conduit back to a power point

Powers BFT 24V gate motor kits

Comes with solar collector, 2 x 7 amp 12v batteries, transmitter receiver, and control board with regulator.

Cuts power to the motor control board when not in use so that the batteries do not run down.

















What's included

  • Fast Service in Dubai
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Certified Pro
  • 12 Month Warranty in Dubai
  • Liability Insurance Coverage
  • Supreme Customer Service in Dubai

Why UAE Repair?

All UAE Repair projects are protected by our service guarantee and all work generally does not require you to pay anything until the project is completed to your satisfaction.

UAE Repair is geographically the largest home repair platform in the United Arab Emirates and you can feel safe hiring the tested and certified professionals. You can spend all day looking at review websites, but at the end of the day you are still hiring alone. Complete your projects with UAE Repair and we will make sure you are satisfied, and if you are not we will work hard to make you satisfied. UAE Repair customer service is our main product and your amazing experience is our only focus.


Automatic Garage Door Openers

I can supply new key fobs for old openers.

I also supply and fit brand new German belt driven units which fit all doors. Why not phone for a free quote to automate your garage door?

Whatever the problem with your garage door – single or double – any make – call me on 0509563824 and let me use my engineering expertise to save you a lot of unnecessary expense.

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