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Electrical Services jlt offered by RLT Services L.L.C 0509563824

Electrical Services jlt

With over 20 years in the industry, VHL have the experience and versatility to carry out first rate electrical services across London and Home Counties. We are fully qualified to provide fitting and maintenance in all residential and commercial properties, and regularly perform work for local housing organisations and landlords. electrical services jlt


Our team of expert electricians offer the best possible standard of workmanship at highly competitive rates, and we are proud to carry some of the most prestigious electrical accreditations in the country. Our provision even stretches to thorough and detailed testing of all electrical equipment in homes and businesses, ensuring your premises remain up to code across the board. electrical services jlt

Electrical Installation, Repairs & Testing

Whether you require a simple smoke alarm fitting or a full blown lighting design and installation service, our electricians are available for all jobs, no matter the size or scale. We offer low cost, high standard services in electric heating, all fire detection and alarm systems and external, internal and emergency lighting. We also carry out periodic testing and inspections, including thorough PAT testing for commercially used electrical appliances, and can provide certification as evidence that checks have been passed. electrical services jlt


الخدمات الكهربائية جلت المقدمة من قبل رلت سيرفيسز L.L.C 0509563824
الخدمات الكهربائية جلت

مع أكثر من 20 عاما في هذه الصناعة، فل لديها الخبرة وبراعة لتنفيذ أول معدل الخدمات الكهربائية في جميع أنحاء لندن والمقاطعات الرئيسية. نحن مؤهلون تماما لتوفير المناسب والصيانة في جميع العقارات السكنية والتجارية، وأداء بانتظام العمل لمنظمات الإسكان المحلية والملاك.

لدينا فريق من الخبراء الكهربائيين نقدم أفضل مستوى ممكن من الصنعة بأسعار تنافسية للغاية، ونحن فخورون لحمل بعض من اعتمادات الكهربائية المرموقة في البلاد. حتى توفير لدينا تمتد إلى اختبار دقيق ومفصل لجميع المعدات الكهربائية في المنازل والشركات، وضمان المباني الخاصة بك لا تزال تصل إلى التعليمات البرمجية في جميع المجالات.
التركيبات الكهربائية والتصليح والاختبار

سواء كنت بحاجة إلى تركيب إنذار الدخان بسيط أو تصميم الإضاءة والإضاءة في مهب كامل الخدمة، لدينا كهربائيين متاحة لجميع الوظائف، بغض النظر عن حجم أو الحجم. نحن نقدم منخفضة التكلفة، خدمات عالية المستوى في التدفئة الكهربائية، جميع أنظمة الكشف عن الحريق والإنذار والإضاءة الخارجية والداخلية والطارئة. كما نقوم بإجراء الفحوص الدورية والتفتيش، بما في ذلك اختبار شامل بات للأجهزة الكهربائية المستخدمة تجاريا، ويمكن أن توفر شهادة كدليل على أن الشيكات قد تم تمريرها.

Lighting Installations & Electric rewiring

Extractor fans & Storage Heaters

Extra sockets and light points installed

Replacing fuse boards, fuses and circuit breakers

Outside and internal Lighting and electrical rewiring

Domestic and Commercial electrics

Fault finding, wiring tests and recommendations

Installing security lighting, emergency lighting, smoke and fire alarm systems

Certified Periodic inspection Reports for landlords and home buyers

Maintenance and repairs

Same day service

All work fully certified

Price match guarantee on any other written like for like quotation

BMS (building management systems) Facilities management electrical services

NICEIC trained engineers

Complete works: from fuses to re-wiring

List of JLT Towers



Tower 1

A1 – Dubai Gate 2
B1 – The Wind Tower II
C1 – Fortune Tower
D1 – Indigo Tower
E1 – Global Lake View
F1 – Bobyan Tower
G1 – Dubai Arch Tower
H1 – JBC 7
I1 – Silver Tower
J1 – Goldcrest Views 2
K1 – Vista Del Lago
L1 – JBC 6
M1 – HDS Business Centre
N1 – The Dome Tower
O1 – Reef Tower
P1 – Armada 1
Q1 – SABA 3
R1 – Al Waleed Paradise
S1 – Green Lakes Tower 1
T1 – Fortune Executive Tower
U1 – Al Seef Tower 3
V1 – JBC 2
W1 – JBC 5
X1 – Jumeirah Bay X1
Y1 – JBC 3
Z1 – Jumeirah Lake Apartments
AA1 – Business Avenue
BB1 – Business Avenue
Almas Tower

Tower 2

A2 – Mövenpick Hotels & Residence
B2 – Lake View
C2 – Gold Crest Executive
D2 – Lake Terrace
E2 – Al Shera Tower
F2 – HDS Tower
G2 – Jumeirah Business Centre
H2 – Concorde
I2 – Platinum Tower
J2 – Mohammed Ibrahim Tower
K2 – Vue De Lac 2
L2 – Dubai Star Tower
M2 – M2
N2 – Lake Point Tower
O2 – O2 Residence
P2 – Armada 2
Q2 – Dubai Gate 1
R2 – MAG 214 Tower
S2 – Green Lakes Tower 2
T2 – 1 Lake Plaza
U2 – Al Seef Tower 2
V2 – Goldcrest Views 1
W2 – Tiffany Tower
X2 – Jumeirah Bay X2
Y2 – Lakeshore Tower
Z2 – Anantara Hotel
AA2 – Amesco Tower
BB2 – Business Avenue

Tower 3

A3 – Lake Side Residence
B3 – The Wind Tower I
C3 – The Palladium
D3 – Lake City Tower
E3 – Saba Tower 1
F3 – Indigo Icon
G3 – JBC 9
H3 – JBC 8
I3 – Gold Tower
J3 – Bonnington Tower
K3 – Vue De Lac
L3 – Icon II
M3 – Icon I
N3 – JBC 4
O3 – Madina Tower
P3 – Armada 3
Q3 – SABA 2
R3 – Al Saqran Tower
S3 – Green Lakes Tower 3
T3 – Pullman Jumeirah Lakes Towers
U3 – Tamweel Tower
V3 – V3 Tower
W3 – Oaks Hotel Apartments
X3 – Jumeirah Bay X3
Y3 – Swiss Tower
Z3 – Jumeirah Lake Offices
AA3 – Corporate Tower
BB3 – SABA 4

Jumeirah Lake Towers

The Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) (Arabic: أبراج بحيرات الجميرا‎‎) is a large development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates which consists of 80 towers being constructed along the edges of three artificial lakes (Lake Almas West, Lake Almas East, JLT Lake) as well as the JLT Embankment of 8 tower facing Jumeirah Islands.[1] Initially JLT had 4 lakes (Lake Almas West, Lake Almas East, Lake Elucio, Lake Allure), in late 2012 developer (DMCC) announced that lake Elucio would be drained and 55,000 meter park would be created instead.[2] Subsequently, Lake Allure has been renamed to JLT Lake. The total area covered by the lakes, waterways and landscaping will be 730,000-square-metre (7,900,000 sq ft). The towers will range from having 35 floors to having 45, except for the centerpiece ( Almas Tower ), which is 66 floors. The tallest tower and the centerpiece of the entire complex is Almas Tower which is situated on its own island between Lake Almas West and Lake Almas East.

The completion of Saba Tower in December 2006 marked the first tower to be completed in Jumeirah Lakes Towers. The majority of construction took place in 2008. By April 2011, over 80 percent of the towers in JLT was claimed to have been completed. As of June 2015 there were reported to still be 11 towers being either left undone due to the 2009 crisis or still undergoing construction in JLT.[3]

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